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The Bald and the Beautiful

The other day my friends and I were discussing kuwait fashion and how kuwaiti’s always find a way to spin it and make it thier own so anyways we got to talking about really weird situations and hows somehow again people would make it thing to have / to do, well one of the things that came up was
“what if the new ‘it’ thing to do was go bald” wait for it ……..”for women to go bald!” and all of us burst out laughing knowing it was so far fetched that all of us suddenly stopped laughing and really started to thing about all that kept popping in my head was the coneheads.

What about you? how do you think kuwait will spin it around and make it “trendy” ? This should be interesting !


Hijab Nation

I recently noticed as many other i’m sure have the sudden increase in ladies wearing the hijab in kuwait. To those who read this i have nothing against it, but *poooof* a sudden rush in the number of women wearing them…By all means way to go for those who have its just one of those things that i had to comment and question on.

Random thoughts while i was writing this post
* Is there been a sudden increase of religous extremeties i should be aware of ?
* Is it forced by parents, which by the way i find utterly horrid !! especially the ones that make thier 6-7yr olds maybe even younger wear the hijab , i mean come on shouldn’t a hijab be worn at a mature age where the girl understands what she is getting into.. ok i made this sound bad, all i meant was that its such a big step and that a girl must fully accept it and embrace it with open arms willingly and of age.
* Ok now this next point will sound stupid maybe be again as i said these are random thoughts that keep popping into my head.. Is it my imagination that guys seem to follow them more often that a girl without one? Appreciate the thoughts of all guys out there, should be interesting to understand the male psyche.
* With these new styles in hijab wearing in kuwait, is it true that in some hijab styles some girls really wear yogurt cups to make the hijab look more appealling to people ?

Lovely weather we’re having here…*blank*

How to make small talk when the lights are open but nobody’s home.
The inability to make small talk in daily gatherings, first time aquaintences etc
Any suggestions on how to make 10mins seem less like 10 yrs??

Here we go 10..9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1..0

Ok so being new to this whole blogging thing … trying to figure out the glitches and crackles of this site. Obviously this is going to be a portal whereby i want to vent out my daily frustrations and thoughts that pop out and the wrong time and towards the wrong people.. So here we goo, usually just jot down my thoughts on paper and just that..i never got people’s thoughts on them so this should be interesting to find out what people think about certain situations happening around us .. just daily things that happen around us, socially and NOT politically because i believe that its a dirty business and i for one DO NOT want to get my hands dirty .. anyhoo i’ll soon post my thoughts and away i go